Getting pushed back on price? These 9 sales experts share their insights on this thorny subject

1. Victor Antonio

When a client asks you for a price without letting you explain the features or benefits of your product or service, what do you say?

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2. Mark Hunter

One of the big challenges people have is that they can’t get their customer to understand what their price is. In this video, Mark goes through the 3 fatal mistakes when giving your price.

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3. Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey answers the very common question –

“How do I overcome the price issue when the buyers only concern is to buy a cheaper product so that they can enjoy a fatter margin?”

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4. Paul Lanigan

Paul talks through what both buyer & seller rate as the most important in the buying process. He then shows you how to get the best price for your goods and services.

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5. Jill Konrath

Jill gives us 4 top tips to avoid pure price competition.

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6. Jim Keenan

Do you know what the most destructive emotion a salesperson can have?. Click play to find out….

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7. Jennifer Gluckow

How your customer values your offering depends on how you’ve positioned it. In 60 seconds Jennifer explains why price might not be as important as you think it is.

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8. Anthony Iannarino

Naturally, the buyer is going to look for a discount. Anthony shares his top tips on how to respond to the buyer when this happens

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9. John Barrows

John shares his number 1 remedy for discounting in this short 90-second video.

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