The secrets to winning & growing large enterprise accounts

A few weeks back I caught up with Brian Sullivan. Brian is the Vice President of Sandler Enterprise Selling at Sandler Training, an international training and consulting organization. Prior to joining Sandler in 2012, Brian was in sales, sales management and P&L management positions with The Cap Gemini Group for thirty years and in sales positions with Xerox Corporation prior to his time with Cap Gemini. He also served as an adjunct professor for twelve years at Loyola University Maryland, where he received his BA in Business Administration and his MBA in Marketing.

Below are the answers to two of the questions I asked Brian during our time together. Links to download the full 48-minute conversation are available at the end of this post.


What would you say is your biggest lesson over the entire span of your career? 

I think one of the biggest key moments was learning to distinguish between deals I should pursue and ones I should drop.

You need to be thinking about qualification in your very first interaction with a prospect.


How does somebody stay motivated when the gratification is so far down the line? There may be a 6-9 month process and they may not find out for several months whether they are in or out.

Emotionally it is probably the most difficult challenge for people to face. You need to have a clear perspective and your expectations be set. Typically that is done by working as part of a team before you become the lead salesperson.

In these long sales cycles, there are lots of touch points. You need to make sure that each one of these touch points is focused and detailed.


To download the podcast click one of the below links;

To contact Brian –

Purchase Brians book “Sandler enterprise selling: Winning & growing enterprise accounts” here –

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