Getting pushed back on price? These 9 sales experts share their insights on this thorny subject

1. Victor Antonio

When a client asks you for a price without letting you explain the features or benefits of your product or service, what do you say?

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2. Mark Hunter

One of the big challenges people have is that they can’t get their customer to understand what their price is. In this video, Mark goes through the 3 fatal mistakes when giving your price.

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3. Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey answers the very common question –

“How do I overcome the price issue when the buyers only concern is to buy a cheaper product so that they can enjoy a fatter margin?”

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4. Paul Lanigan

Paul talks through what both buyer & seller rate as the most important in the buying process. He then shows you how to get the best price for your goods and services.

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5. Jill Konrath

Jill gives us 4 top tips to avoid pure price competition.

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6. Jim Keenan

Do you know what the most destructive emotion a salesperson can have?. Click play to find out….

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7. Jennifer Gluckow

How your customer values your offering depends on how you’ve positioned it. In 60 seconds Jennifer explains why price might not be as important as you think it is.

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8. Anthony Iannarino

Naturally, the buyer is going to look for a discount. Anthony shares his top tips on how to respond to the buyer when this happens

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9. John Barrows

John shares his number 1 remedy for discounting in this short 90-second video.

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Top 12 sales influencers to follow for tips & techniques on LinkedIn

1. John Barrows

Number of followers – 170,771

Owner of JBarrows Sales Training and previously listed as the “Top 30 social salespeople in the world” by Forbes.

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2. Craig Wortmann

Number of followers – 139,297

Author, speaker, coach & founder of “Sales Engine”. Craig has also developed the “Entrepreneurial Selling” course which is ranked as one of the top 10 courses in America by Inc magazine.

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3. Jeffrey Gitomer

Number of followers – 39,779

A sales trainer, keynote speaker, and author. Jeffrey is the author of 13 books.  Often referred to as the ‘King of sales’.

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4. Brendon Burchard

Number of followers – 32,777

CEO of & high-performance coach. Brendon is one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook.

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5. Jeb Blount

Number of followers – 20,034

CEO of Sales Gravy, Author, keynote speaker and sales acceleration strategist. Jeb has previously worked as the VP of Sales for KGB.

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6. Victor Antonio

Number of followers – 11,318

Author, speaker, business consultant and owner one of the largest sales channels on YouTube (89,000 subscribers).

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7 . Alice Heiman

Number of followers – 10,104

Sales Strategist, Coach & Speaker. Founder of Alice Heiman LLC, Formerly with Miller Heiman, Inc (Now the Miller Heiman Group). Alice is also a lecturer for the college of business at the University of Nevada Reno.

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8. Ryan Stewman

Number of followers – 8,555

Author, business owner, sales trainer and founder of the “Break free Academy”.

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9. Heather R. Morgan

Number of followers – 7,892

CEO of “Salesfolk & columnist with Inc Magazine. Heather refers to herself as the “Economist who bitches about cold emails”.

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10. Marcus Cauchi

Number of followers – 7,161

Just entering 15 years using and 14 training Sandler. Pinnacle Award winner. Expert in buyer-seller-manager psychology. Special skills include selling as the underdog, premium priced sales, building high-profit channels and predictive hiring.

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11. Paul Lanigan

Number of followers – 6, 455

MD of Sandler Training Ireland, Paul is the author of “Soft tales & Hard asses”, One Salesman’s discovery of the art of storytelling.

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12. Jeff Shore

Number of followers – 6,108

Author, keynote speaker & sales trainer. Jeff is the President of ‘Shore consulting’.

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What one question would you ask if you had 3 minutes with a Global VP of Sales ?

Last week I caught up with Rich Chiarello. Rich is a sales & sales management expert specializing in unique and highly effective approaches to sales and management utilizing Sandler Training. With over 25 years of business development, management, and training experience, Rich Chiarello, previously Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at CA, Siebel Systems and COO at webMethods software, has extensive experience in expanding domestic companies and global business teams.

Below are the answers to two of the questions I asked Rich during our time together. Links to download the full 33 minute conversation are available at the end of this post.

Why do you think the natural instinct of the salesperson is to focus on the product/solution rather than on the prospect ?

It’s a conditioned reflex. To this day, when I work with a client there onboarding process is to hire someone who knows a lot about the technology, train them for two weeks solid on the products features, its comparisons & competitors. Then they tell them to get on the phone but not to talk technical and have a conversation.

What is your advice for people when they come up against the common barrier – “Whatever it is you’re selling, I don’t need it” ?

You should reverse the conversation. Start off the conversation by saying something like  “Im not sure you’re the right person to be talking to or that I have anything worth paying attention to. With that out on the table can I take 2 minutes just to build a big picture of where we do bring value to clients. If there is something of value we can continue but if not we can just shake hands and i’ll give you the rest of your time back.”

To download the podcast click one of the below links;

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8 sales experts providing LinkedIn video content

The new LinkedIn video feature is still in its infancy and playing catch-up with more establised platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Not everyone has access yet, however it’s already being successfully used by a number of sales authors,specialists & thought leaders.

As a knowledge platform, Linkedin video is set to grow & grow. As more people come on board the list below is sure to change. We will re-visit this list again before the end of the year.

1) Mark hunter

Number of followers – 201,989

Keynote speaker, Author & Sales trainer. Also known as the Sales Hunter, Mark has been recognised as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Sales leaders”.

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Marks most popular LinkedIn video


2) Jeb Blount

Number of followers – 19,707

CEO of Sales Gravy, Author, keynote speaker and sales acceleration strategist. Jeb has previously worked as the VP of Sales for KGB.

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Jebs most popular LinkedIn video 


3) Jim Keenan

Number of followers – 6,669

CEO of A Sales Guy Inc, Author, Blogger and Forbes contributor. Jim has previously been named as Forbes Top 30 Social Sales Influencers.

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Jims most popular LinkedIn Video


4) Paul Lanigan

Number of followers – 6405

MD of Sandler Training Ireland, Paul is the author of “Soft tales & Hard asses”, One Salesman’s discovery of the art of storytelling.

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5) Noah Goldman

Number of followers – 5,667

The host of “Enterprise Sales Podcast”, Guest lecturer at Binghamton university and Advisor of multiple organizations.

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6) Gavin Ingham

Number of followers – 5,450

A motivational speaker, mental toughness coach and founder of “I am 10”.  Gavin also runs an award winning sales blog.

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Gavins most popular LinkedIn video 


7) Townsend Wardlaw

Number of followers – 5,164

Speaker, consultant & advisor. Townsend has previously worked as VP of sales for Valen Analytics.


Townsends most popular LinkedIn video


8) Steve Rosen

Number of followers – 5,153

Author, Coach & Speaker. Steve is the author of “52 Sales management tips”, the sales managers success guide.

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Steves most popular LinkedIn video 

Top Ten Twitter Sales Influencers (by popularity)


1. Grant Cardone

Number of followers – 423k

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2. Brian Tracy

Number of followers – 397k

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3. Daniel Pink

Number of followers – 387k

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4. Jeb Blount

Number of followers – 123k

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5. Jeffrey Gitomer

Number of followers – 112k

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6. Anthony Iannario

Number of followers – 76.5k

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7. Heather R Morgan

Number of followers – 63.7k

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8. Elinor Stutz

Number of followers – 53k

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9. Mark Hunter

Number of followers – 48.2k

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10. Jill Konrath

Number of followers – 41.5k

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