Paul Lanigan

Paul pictureThroughout the 1990’s I earned a living as a technicial sales support guy at organisations such as GPT, Tellabs, AT&T and Motorola.

I witnessed, first hand, how much the good salesguys could earn and I saw the respect they commanded from their Peers Managers and Customers.

I felt that, as the technical guy, I was already most of the hard work, so I moved into a sales position with a small start up company. It didn’t take long before I figured out that I knew nothing about sales. I attended good training and I was making the cold calls but something was wrong. I simply wasn’t succeeding.

I was working incredibly long hours. I remember packing a bag one Sunday afternoon and I noticed my little four year old boy crying. When I asked him what was wrong, through tear filled eyes he asked me “Daddy, why do you have to go away again?”

As a result I sought help from some of the senior, high performing salespeople I knew. The name that cropped up repeatedly was Sandler Sales Institute.

I booked myself on the next available bootcamp and what I learned made me wonder why I hadn’t done this a lot sooner. I learned great techniques, but that was a given. It was what I learnt about mindset and my own self limiting beliefs that underpinnned the breakthrough for me. The training I received was life changing. I believed in it so much that I approached Sandler with a view to setting up the first Sandler Training centre outside North America. As a result Sandler Ireland is the longest running Sandler Franchise outside North America. I am fortunate to count some of the worlds most admired companies (Oracle, IBM, EMC, L’Oreal, Dell, Salesforce, BMC Software, etc.) as clients.

One thought on “Paul Lanigan

  1. Great post Paul. You are right on. We need to break the pattern that buyers expect. Otherwise we will be treated like salespeople. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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